Property Taxes

Village residents pay Village taxes, General taxes, and School taxes. View the Town of Hempstead website for General and School Taxes information.

Village Tax Due Dates

 1ST Half               March 1 to April 1

 2ND Half              September 1 to October 1

The Responsibility of Property Owner

The 2022 Village taxes are due in two installments. 1st half is due on March 1st and payable without penalty. The 2nd half is due afterwards and payable without penalty. According to New York State Real Property Tax Law, Section 922, PAYMENT OF TAXES ON A TIMELY BASIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PROPERTY OWNER EVEN IF A TAX BILL HAS NOT BEEN RECEIVED. The property owner will be liable for all penalties and interest on late payments. As tax bills are sent out the last week of February, any person who purchases property in the Village of Freeport during the year should determine if the tax bill is paid. 


If you satisfy your mortgage mid-year, AS THE PROPERTY OWNER IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THE VILLAGE. Most mortgages include an escrow account for payment of taxes. YOU MUST ALSO VERIFY WITH THE VILLAGE TREASURER THE AMOUNT PAID BY THE BANK. The bank will not necessarily forward a tax bill to the property owner after a mortgage has been satisfied. The owner will be liable for penalty and interest on a late payment even if the bank did not forward a bill.


Taxes may be paid by cash, check or money order. Checks returned by the issuing bank for any reason will automatically cancel the tax payment. Returned checks will not be re-deposited. There will be a $20.00 charge for any check returned unpaid by the bank. Return check payment must be made in cash or bank check and must include the return check fee. Advance payments for the 2nd half will be accepted after March 1st.

Methods of Payments

You have the convenience of making online payments 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply log online. This option is only available for on-time payments during the months of March and September. You may also pay by phone by calling 1-888-754-8334. Online and phone payments are subject to a service fee.

Online payments are not completely processed until a confirmation number is received. 

You may also sign up for property tax Auto- Debit payment by clicking here Direct Debit Program- Enrollment Form

Tax Penalties




June 7%




October 11% 5%8%
November 12%6%9%
 December13%7% 10%
 January14% 8%11%


The Tax Receiver’s Office will mail out receipts with every payment to the owner of the record.

Postmark Dates

Payment of taxes sent in the mail can only be recorded as received on the date postmarked from a U.S. Post Office. A METERED POSTMARK IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. It is suggested that a taxpayer paying by mail near a deadline date send payment by registered mail or certified mail, return receipt requested, or have the envelope hand stamped at the local post-office window.

Unpaid Property Taxes

Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the provisions of Section 1452 (1) of the Real Property Tax Law, a list of said properties for unpaid Village taxes with interest and other charges will be advertised in the Freeport Leader, once a week for three consecutive weeks in November of each year. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1452 of the Real Property Tax Law, Village taxes that remain unpaid will be sold at public auction. In the manner provided by law on the second Friday of December at the Municipal Building of 46 N. Ocean Ave, 2nd floor, Conference Room of Freeport NY. Continued failure to pay all the taxes levied against your property may result in the loss of your property.

Third-Party Notification for Elderly and Disabled Homeowners

If you are either 65 years of age or older, or disabled, and you own and occupy a one-, two-, or three-family residence, you may designate a consenting adult to serve as a third party & change of address letter to receive duplicate copies of your tax bills and notices of unpaid taxes until further notice. Applications may be obtained in person from the Treasurer's Office in Village Hall, by mail or by clicking here. Please return your application(s) for third-party notifications to Treasurer's Office at 46 N. Ocean Ave, Freeport NY 11520 no later than December 31st.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM 
Telephone #: (516) 377-2212 
Fax #: (516) 377-2255