Virtual Court Information – Parking

Freeport Village Court 

Due to COVID-19 health crisis, all in person court sessions are POSTPONED until further notice.  However, the office is currently open and we are taking calls for court matters from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday - Friday.



Virtual Court information

To help minimize foot traffic at the courthouse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Freeport Village Court will begin allowing appearances in a virtual court session using Zoom video conferencing.  If an individual chooses to appear in the virtual court session, they will not have to appear at the courthouse. This option is voluntary and will be available for most court matters. 

If you are interested in participating in virtual court, please complete the form using the link below to request that your matter be scheduled.  The court will review your request and schedule your matter virtually if deemed appropriate.   You will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to participate.  

Please expect to be available for up to one hour for your virtual court hearing. Trials will not be conducted via Zoom and must be conducted at the Freeport Village Court.

Registration Form

Freeport Village Court - Virtual Court Registration Form- Parking ONLY

We will notify you as to the results of your request.

To contact the Freeport Village Court office by telephone, please call (516) 377-2329 – OPTION 2 Parking. You may also contact the court office via email at

NOTICE: Freeport Village Court sessions are POSTPONED until further notice effective December 21, 2020 in order to mitigate public exposure to COVID-19. (English & Spanish)


Virtual Court Sessions

Although in-person court sessions are not being held, the Court will be holding virtual court sessions starting on Monday, January 4, 2021.  The court is using the ZOOM app for holding these sessions. The app is available for free from Zoom. For more information on Zoom, please visit

Below are the links for the ZOOM court sessions.   Please logon to the court session at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time with the login information provided to you.  This will allow you the opportunity to resolve any technical issues.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR FULL NAME WHEN LOGGING IN.  If logging in using your cellphone, please rename your number on the screen as your FULL NAME.


Notices are being mailed out which contain the date and time of your video court session.  Please email the court at to obtain the password for the video session, or call the court to obtain it.  


Virtual Court Etiquette

Court proceedings, whether in person or virtual, are formal and serious events. The same etiquette and protocol of a physical courtroom are expected during virtual court. Disrespectful, threatening or belligerent behavior during virtual court could result in your removal from the hearing and a contempt citation filed against you.  We ask all virtual court participants to observe these rules of court decorum:

  • Dress appropriately for court.
  • Join the virtual hearing on time from an appropriate, quiet, secure location.
  • Avoid inappropriate or districting activities such as being in the restroom.
  • Do not drive while using your phone or device for your virtual hearing.
  • Use format titles. Sit up straight and speak clearly.
  • Be courteous and respectful. No profanity.
  • Do not use tobacco or vaping products. Refrain from eating and chewing gum.
  • Eliminate distractions and interruptions. Put cell phones and other technology in silent mode.
  • Put your device on mute until it is your turn to speak. Do not interrupt others or try to speak over them.
  • No recordings or screen shots of the hearing are allowed.


NOTICE: Freeport Village Court – Virtual Court Guidelines (English & Spanish)