Highway Department

The Highway Department covers Highway, Sanitation, Transfer Station, Albany Avenue Boat Ramp, Sign Shop and is responsible for:

  • Snow Removal (PDF) (Adobe file) and Ice Control of 310 streets, which covers 89 miles of Roadways which require a minimum of 2 passes, 30 Municipal Parking Fields, and 6 Fire Houses. DSC_7434
  • Street sweeping (PDF) of 310 streets, which covers 89 miles of Roadway that require a minimum of 2 passes, 30 Municipal Fields, and 6 Fire Houses.DSC_7449
  • Drainage Basin cleaning of approximately 2,400 manholes, and drains.
  • Maintenance of Culverts, 50 miles of drainage pipe and 12 drainage check valves.
  • Leaf removal of 310 Streets, which covers 89 miles of Roadways, 30 Municipal Parking Fields.
  • General Road Maintenance, which includes patching of holes (PDF), replacement of asphalt (PDF), gutters and removal of concrete roadway panels.
  • Tree Removal program - identifies trees for removal and oversees and assist the contractor.
  • Transfer Station- Removal and transfer of materials to various Town Facilities.
  • Albany Avenue Boat Ramp - On occasion the Highway Department has to remove a boat (PDF) from our local waterways.
  • Village Celebrations- Handles barricades and clean up for Memorial Day Parade, Woodcleft Summer Festival, Veterans Day Parade, Block Parties and other events throughout the year.
  • Sign Shop - responsible for sign installation (PDF), sign maintenance (PDF), street striping and guard rail installation.
  • Street name sign replacement mandate (PDF) - It's happened to all of us. You are driving along on a busy street or winding road looking for that elusive street name signs, the Federal Highway Administration has recently passed a mandate that by 2013, all street name signs will have 6" letters replacing the 4" standard in place today. In response to this, the Public Works Department is already into year four of its street name sign replacement program, having completed portions of Seaman Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Guy Lombardo Avenue, and other roads that have just been reconstructed. Each year, street name signs will be replaced with the newer 6" letter requirements.
  • The Highway Department also handles Hurricanes and flooding by clearing Roadways, Parking Fields and Village properties clearing flood debris, putting up barricades and closing Streets. Also assist the Fire and Police Department during these times.

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