Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Exemption

  • A senior citizens' real property tax exemption is available to married persons, siblings and single individuals provided they have owned the property in question for at least one year, the property is used exclusively for residential purposes and the applicant for the exemption is at least 65 years of age before Oct 1st.
  • New exemption applications are available at the Village Assessor's Office beginning in June.
  • If you already receive such an exemption, a renewal application will be mailed to you each year in June.
  • Applications must be received in the Assessor's office by October 1st. Applications received after October 1 will not be considered, even if they are postmarked prior to October 1.

Income Limitations

For the 2024 / 2025 tax year, the income limitations for the Senior Citizens' property tax exemption are as follows:

Income Level% Exemption
$50,000 or less50%
$50,001 - $50,999
$51,000 - $51,99940%
$52,000 - $52,99935%
$53,000 - $53,89930%
$53,900 - $54,79925%
$54,800 - $55,69920%
$55,700 - $56,59915%
$56,600 - $57,49910%
$57,500 - $58,3995%

Income Limit Guidelines

  • Income for the purposes of this law is not the same as income for state or federal tax returns. One major difference is that all benefits received from Social Security count toward the income limits for the exemption.
  • All exemptions are shown on the assessment roll as assessed value. To calculate the tax savings for any exemption:
    • Divide the Exempt Assessed Value by 100, then multiply the result times the Tax Rate.

Nassau County Taxes

A Village tax exemption does not apply to taxes based on the Nassau County Assessment Roll. You should also apply to the Nassau County Department of Assessment for any exemption offered by the County and applicable to your property. Deadlines and procedures may be different. Check with Nassau County Assessors Office or call 516-571-1500 for additional Information.

Senior Citizen Brochure