GOSR Projects in Freeport

The Governor's Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) is allotting almost $15 million in federal funds to support the planning and implementation of community-developed recovery and resiliency projects which will put us way above the bar with improved communications, infrastructure and beautification throughout the Village of Freeport. Over the course of the scoping and planning phases, Freeporters are offered a chance to learn and comment on the direction of these projects by attending community events, such as information sessions or participating in engagement events, to help further shape the project and program preliminary designs.

On Wednesday, November 01, 2017 at the Freeport Recreation Center, several stakeholders and residents attended a presentation of our anticipated projects which Freeport Electric, Freeport's Department of Public Works, and outside engineering/designs firms will oversee. The projects include outage management communications and infrastructure/beautification upgrades at the Freeport Memorial Library and Freeport's Village Hall. The backbone of the GOSR Program is a community-driven resilience planning process that is unprecedented in scope and financial commitment.

The projects featured at the November meeting included:
Freeport Channel Crossing
Freeport Electric

$5,774,605.00 – This project will be replacing submarine cables beneath Freeport Channel that carries a substantial load of Freeport Electric's power. Freeport Electric is the local municipal power utility that owns and maintains power generation and distribution infrastructure throughout the Village. The project will replace these existing feeders and tie lines originally installed below the channel in 1967, through the installation of new conduits installed using directional drilling or micro-tunneling. The cable serves residential, commercial and critical assets. Included are three flood sirens, two firehouses, two sewer pump stations, and two schools. The project is critical to the safety, protection, and resiliency of the Village.

Freeport Outage Management System
Freeport Electric

$300,000.00 - The Village of Freeport is requesting CDBG-DR funding for the purchase and installation of an outage management system. The system will allow for the Village of Freeport to monitor and contain outages and enable quicker responses and repairs.

Power Plant 1
Freeport Electric

$4,000,000.00 -The Village of Freeport is requesting CDBG-DR funding for the purchase and installation of a black start generator in Freeport's Power Plant I.

Power Plan 2
Freeport Electric

$2,000,000.00 - This project will design and construct flood protection measures for critical assets at the power plant site. The design will be constructed with consideration for the most vulnerable and hazardous portion of the Plant's site.

Industrial Park Modernization Study
Freeport Department of Public Works

$500,000.00 -This project is to conduct a study of the Freeport Industrial Park. The objective is to transform the park into a modern and resilient business center. The study will identify and address vacant and underutilized spaces, develop strategies to attract innovative and complementary businesses, develop a long-term vision, and identify opportunities to restore the coast and create natural storm defenses.

Freeport Green Infrastructure Improvements
Bill Barrett, P.E. & Brian Heaslip, P.E.(GPI); Jim Sullivan, P.E. (DASNY).

$1,290,000 - Green infrastructure drainage interventions to alleviate storm-water runoff at Freeport Village Hall and the pedestrian plazas as Smith Street and South Main Street.

Freeport Community Assistance Center at Freeport Memorial Library
Raja Mahmood and/or Charlie Lesniak (Lakhani and Jordan)

- The proposed project will include an assessment of the current infrastructure at Freeport Memorial Library. Improvements to the library will include installation of an emergency backup natural gas generator. The project also proposes to include a disaster response plan.


Throughout planning and implementation, your concerns and comments are welcome. Keep on the lookout from the village via Freeport's social media sites, the village website, Freeport's government access channels, or by visiting Mayor Kennedy on Tuesdays, from 12 pm to 5 pm or by email.