Prince Avenue Wells Project

Construction of Wells 10, 11 & 12

Well House 10The Water Department has recently completed the construction of three new water wells on the Prince Avenue site, located at the intersection of Prince Avenue and N. Long Beach Avenue. The village now has the ability to pump an additional 4,500 gallons per minute to its 43,000 residents, insuring that we continually meet increasing peak day demands and fire protection requirements.


Design of the wells, buildings, piping, mechanical, and electrical systems took into account not only aesthetic issues, including appearance and noise, but also regulatory requirements such as the upcoming groundwater disinfection Rule. Visual aesthetic

concerns were addressed through minimizing the size of the buildings and an enhanced architectural layout to match neighboring homes, as well as landscaping to preserve the character of the neighborhood.Well House 11 and 12


The wells draw water from the Magothy Aquifer at a depth of approximately 700 feet. Each well is housed in its own building with operation controlled electronically. The main building contains the chemical treatment system for all three wells and is equipped

with backup power generation. Water is pumped directly into the distribution system through two new transmission water mains.