Village Fleet

The Village Garage not only saves money by avoiding the necessity for outside repair work, and by keeping equipment in good condition through preventive maintenance, but it is also an important factor in keeping village services at a high level. The operating departments must have the trucks and other equipment to get the job done and the garage sees that the necessary equipment is available at all times.

The fleet consists of numerous vehicles, which range from administration cars to heavy equipment trucks.

Services Provided

Fleet service and repairs range from changing a light bulb to a complete overhaul of all equipment to include engine transmission and drive train repairs. Additionally, the garage performs light maintenance such as brake jobs, oil and filter changes, and tune-ups for all vehicles, which include police and fire department vehicles.

The garage division also maintains and operates the automated fuel dispensing system, which supplies fuel for all Village vehicles. Monthly notices are sent to each department notifying them of when the inspections are due on vehicles.

Village Mechanics at Work

Mechanic working on car
Mechanic working on truck
Man working under hood of car

 Village Fleet Equipment

White tow truck
Red tow truck
 Village Fleet Equipment